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    This and Perfect Dark
    A more silent operating PSU than I got.
    This is so damn stupid.
    Just to be clear here, I do not need to counter anything in the video since I am not debating him unless you are the guy in the video?
    2080 ti has 4352 cuda cores while the fully unlocked quadro rtx 6000-8000 have 4,608 cuda cores that’s about 6.6% faster in gaming clock for clock. titan will be a fully unlocked chip with 12 gigs of vram. My guess it will be $2000. won’t be 7nm
    If you think this flimsy ass paper is going to deliver a proper VR experience then you’re more off your rocker than I thought. They’re marketing this shit to kids. The Switch isn’t even strong enough to do capable VR. But, yeah, buy yet another of Nintendo’s terrible paper kits and tell us the mindblowing technological experience you get.
    You better not be taking about power.

    I got to ask, is your wife single and looking for a place in Norway by any chance? 😛
    Average IQ folk. And I don’t mean that in a mean way, my parents are the same way. Some people are incapable of contemplating anything that doesn’t directly involve them or their personal trails and troubles.
    I think they might. They are kind of in it with the Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the HoloLens (AR). In a few years, I can see Apple and Nintendo even joining in. There’s just so much potential with VR and AR to have them completely sit out.
    well, i have no idea what you mean by “extreme.” As a matter of climate, the winter periods of the year have been warmer. The recent winter cyclone doesn’t change the fact it was in the 80s in PA in November and the past three years, i believe, are the hottest on record.
    never played original system shock nor i wanted to play.
    It’s not Titanfall 3, it’s a side project if anything at all and easy cash grab, since EA doesn’t really have any BR games and the BR games genre got weaken IMO since PUBG and Fortnite released.


    I know its ruh ruh sony gets special treatment bullshit but come on I think these devs have long way to go to get that treatment. One has to earn Kojima levels bullshit lol. The media are not jumping at this game.
    You’d take a controller for city-building (Cities Skylines), complex part attachment (Kerbal Space Program), 4X (Civilization) and even MMOs? You, sir, are hardcore as ****.
    how was anyone duped? Plus, they’ve already played those games so why would they care
    Retro Gaming
    Well said.
    Games Discussion
    Nintendo Fan Club

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    That maybe, but where are the Vita games?
    Yeah man, totally a Souls game. *MY EYES ARE ROLLING IN MY SKULL*
    Agreed and I also agree with this……
    LOL, that is actually kinda funny. The reactions to your question are to be expected. No one likes to feel guilty for wasting their money. Coolyfett understands exactly what you are getting at though, you are not alone on this thought process, but to each his own at the end of the day.
    The subscription service gives me a giant list of games to choose from. So if I’m paying $10 per month for the subscription service, I can get access to hundreds of games to play for for nine months for the same cost of a brand new game.
    Both Radeon VII and RTX 2080 are priced similar at $699 price range.
    They will be going the Google Stadia route…Google just beat them to the announcement.,Always makes me laugh how people on this forum always set the bar by there favorite club as being the moral high leader or standard and ignore the reality around them completely because it doesn’t fit there bill.The only thing epic should be doing is pay those devs 1 buck for there development and suddently anti consumer label goes away instantly.Anybody shouting how anti consumer epic is, but has a console is just honestly a joke entirely.I can’t say that I disagree. :),If that’s your “definition” then pretty much everything is “anti-consumer” unless it’s given away for free and available on everything under the sun.,End of Thread.,,This ^^ //nuff said!!!,That’s the problem. The vocal gamers are on message boards bitching about games they don’t play and don’t buy. When you speak out, you’re preaching to the entitled gamer choir. Do you really think people are out there buying games or DLC they don’t want in order to support a corporation? People spend their money on what they want. Plain and simple. It sucks for you that those things aren’t something you’re interested in. But calling exclusives “anti consumer” is freakin’ insane. ,If it wasn’t for exclusivity, we’d never have games like God of War or Zelda BOTW. Exclusivity breed competition. Exclusivity is not a shady practice, unless you’re saying that Netflix,Amazon video exclusive content, ABC’s and HBO’s exclusives TV shows are anti-consumer too.Is Game of Thrones being exclusive to HBO anti-consumer? ,It seems obvious why gamers/sites do this. Steam is generally viewed as 4chan/right wing, and against many Publishers, as well as the gaming media itself. While the gaming media are basically (including personally) buddies with them.So, regardless of Epic being a steaming pile of shit, those guys are the enemy, therefor we support you, regardless of how it is objectively detrimental to the consumer.Jim Sterlings argument particular is, fucking stupid, deliberately ignoring the consumer in order to try make his argument valid. Using a tiny, tiny minuscule example to remove the open nature of the platform that has given us so much.,You know what’s funny? You people say you like capitalism, but in truth, you hate capitalist practices. This is what capitalism truly is.Monopoly, market share, control of production, capitalizing, doing everything to get more money. So, maybe you all should review your beliefs, because from where I stand, almost all complaints coming from gamers are derivative of capitalist practices.In the end, almost everything enterprises do is anti consumer.

    Sounds to me like the ideal situation here is to have a manual “save anywhere” feature. That makes everyone happy. People who don’t like wasting time can save more often, and people who think that repetition is good can go as long as they want without saving.
    This…with NHL 17 and Recore followed right behind it.
    It’s already out! It’s called PS Vita 😛
    So in other words that’s a no. So you admit this isn’t factual but more speculation until the final numbers from MS are shown? Good to know


    WTF does the xbox one coming short of its promises has to do with Sony’s supposed past shit, some of that crap Is no even accurate.
    For some reason, even though I have a Wii U, I’m not that mad to be honest. Probably because I have enough stuff to keep me busy until who knows when. Shoot, I still actually enjoy my PS3.
    You really had to think hard about that one to realize one is a movie and one is a game. ;P
    No, it isn’t. I would always purchase a native game over a cloud only game.
    Too late
    Apparently north of 100 million, making it the 3rd best selling game of all time. Damn, I didn’t realise that.
    PlayStation Nation
    ? Move topic to another board

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