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    I actually like the second season more then the first season it’s much more mind bending and it isn’t a slow burn.
    Isn’t it a bit silly being against hunting games for “promoting the killing of innocent animals” when basically all other games in existence “promotes the killing of humans”?
    Hmm, maybe. It’s damn hard to throw away my history of Intel/Nvidia. I’ll will see what UK prices are, likely cheaper anyway.
    He’s also leaving out the fact that Fortnite sold more than both of them combined, and it’s the superior game. Sometimes the better game does sell more.
    It’s about the same as the rest, I’d say. Pretty interesting era, though. Personally I got tired of the formula after AC2. Can’t believe they went and made
    I could agree with this. Even though it’s a new engine for the first time ever, it still feels very much like the old Fallout games but with a streamlined UI/perks/skills system and better graphics. You still have the same “magic zoning doors” to move from one area to another, the same stiff manequin NPCs, etc.However, it’s still “Fallout” and I love it. Maybe it’s a little bit closer to the old games than I was expecting, but in many ways that’s not a bad thing for me. They might not have updated it as much as I was expecting, but they at least updated it “enough” for me to be happy.-ByshopI don’t know if you’ve played the Souls Series ( Demon Souls, Dark Souls…..etc ). They are all very similar to each one’s predecessor. It’s not a bad thing in their case. I haven’t played Fallout 4.. but I can’t picture Fallout 4 all too different from Fallout 3 or FNV. ,Never trust user reviews on a big title like Fallout 4 , particular not when you have it in a genre where we other games like Dragon?s age and Witcher 3.Fans of CDPR will spam metacritic because in their mind, there is not enough room for both games. ,I can agree with the unpolished part, although I have not encountered any major bugs, only a few minor ones (50 hours in). In that regard, the experience is similar to TW3 (playing on pc). I can also agree on the animations, but it’s not something I personally find particularly important. I’d also say the dialogue is competent, not mediocre. It’s convincing and standard enough not to distract. I do, however, not like the limited dialogue options.As for the side missions, while I can see where you’re coming from, I have absolutely no problem with them, because the value of the experience lies in the exploration and, so far, that part has not disappointed. I’ve run into several very entertaining events, some of which appeared random. And I’m always rewarded for exploring (not just with xp, but also nice loot). I also like that there are often these little stories connected to one specific location, which you can learn through notes or monitors. Sure, they’re a bit shallow and short, I guess, and it demands a bit more of your imagination, but I still like them. The quests themselves are sometimes pretty barebones, but the journeys from one place to another are very satisfying. I personally never played Fallout for its story anyway, so most quests are simply there to send me on my way, so I can create my own adventures.This game is very similar to Skyrim, in that its characters and main storylines are rather forgettable and uninteresting, but its exploration is very rewarding (for me, at least). And I personally like a post-apocalyptic setting much more than a fantasy setting.That said, TW3 was awesome aswell, but I think both games require a different playstyle and/or mindset. They scratch different itches, I think, even though TW3 does seem to be the more complete of the two. But that doesn’t mean I’m having less fun with F4.,Yup, and that?s why it?s constant among the top 4 most played games on steam, because it?s a shit game and people love to play shit games ,i don’t mind the bugs too much, although it is disappointing and surprising that there are so many (thankfully most are small and not game affecting), and i’ve actually quite enjoyed some of the side missions, they seem much more interesting and varied than in previous bethesda games. the biggest issues i have with the game are:the vaguely labelled dialogue choices, pleasantly voiced protagonist and removal of karma leave you without much room to impose your own choice of personality on your character through in game actions. i don’t enjoy playing as the super nice guy and don’t feel there’s much i can do besides use my imagination to change it.the removal of xp awarded for in game actions means your character’s skill levels no longer reflect your play style. if i spend a lot of in game time doing or using “x” then that should be reflected in my skill points / levels like in previous games, but for the most part it isn’t and that’s disappointing for a survival rpg.the lack of explanation for important new features.the graphics. frankly at times they’re absolutely wretched (ps4). and not just in terms of the visual detail but performance wise too. any time there’s steam or smoke, despite absolutely nothing else of note being on screen, the game coughs and splutters down to sub 20 fps. there are moments when the scenery / lighting look quite realistic / atmospheric / passable but on the whole, visually, it just reeks of last gen and it’s pretty audacious of bethesda to release something so sub par.but regardless of those things and plenty of other little frustrations i can’t tear my self away from it. there’s something so compulsive and un-put-down-able about bethesda games, despite all their faults. hours melt away when playing and adventures materialise out of nowhere. a solid 8.5 / 10 so far from me around 25 hours in,When it comes to reviews I do not believe that their opinions count just as much as anyone else’s. If someone only put 15 minutes into the game prior to reviewing it, do you want to hold their opinion in the same regard at someone who put 40+ hours into it? We live in a world where everyone has to have their opinions and thinks they need to have their opinions validated. Just look at social media and news these days, opinions spread like wildfire and often aren’t even held by those who spread them. It’s like the hype machine or the social-media demands that someone quit their job because of one little screw up. Do people really each carry this opinion or did they get influenced by a biased-unresearched click-bait article they read from some lousy source?Opinions are like butts, everyone’s got one but we doesn’t mean we all need to expose our rear-ends for the world to see. Let’s support rational thought and well-researched opinions whether a professional reviewer or a user-review.I didn’t like Fallout 4 for the first several hours but once I understood the systems and the mistakes I made I started over made a new character and now I’m probably 40 hours in and am loving it! I’m so glad I didn’t hastily write a review after a few hours figuring out whether I liked Fallout 4 or not.,Okay this part I totally get you. It’s like everybody on facebook is a scholar of some sort these days.I get that the opinion of someone who played only for a few minutes is quite frankly rubbish but this is what the world we live in. It’s like a democratic election. Every single person has a say. Even those who have no idea about the candidates and would randomly vote. But who are we to judge whose opinions count and whose doesn’t. Again I totally get that some people are just giving retarded opinions but sadly we are in no position to judge the worth of that opinion.Also, I think it evens out in the end because all games, not only fallout 4 are subject to these retarded opinions. But yes, I definitely do see a LOT of complaints about things that tbh don’t really detract from the gameplay But they are targeted at the inability of Bethesda in making a polished game. I know the game is still ridiculously fun (haven’t played it btw) but I guess people really got disappointed that it wasn’t the leap over fallout 3 that they expected.,Yup, and that?s why it?s constant among the top 4 most played games on steam, because it?s a shit game and people love to play shit gamesMeanwhile, Twilight is a pretty popular book…,Yup, and that?s why it?s constant among the top 4 most played games on steam, because it?s a shit game and people love to play shit gamesMeanwhile, Twilight is a pretty popular book…And? or wait was that a failed attempt at saying that quantity is not the same as quality?,My problem with Fallout 4 was the same problem with Skyrim system. I find picking one perk is just too narrow and not open enough to affect your character role.Also, I find playing a character that starts being great at all combat and can get better is not much of a role playing.

    78 results
    I just dont want it to be Assassins Creed Repetitive. .
    Imagine it to be true and how Daenerys would be even more pissed off because she’d have even less claim to the Iron Throne. ,Imagine it to be true and how Daenerys would be even more pissed off because she’d have even less claim to the Iron Throne.I remember in the previous episode the showrunners mentioned that only Targaryens can ride dragons, noting that we knew this about Jon before he did because he didn’t know he was Aegon yet at that point. To me that suggests the NK was originally Targaryen before being turned, or else was part of some bloodline that was ancestors to the Targaryens. That, or else the rules don’t quite apply to a Night Dragon.,Oh, good. Maybe they actually use him.And I agree with you, I feel it’s pretty lame.,That was basically Snoke from TLJ. So much hype around the NK and he dies… just like that it’s all over.,Bolded: This is my biggest let down. I wanted something more on the NK. The characters in the show are complex and have differing motivations, but a voiceless and ‘evil’ enemy stood out of place. I was certain we were going to get more to be honest. Other than that though, I’d give the episode a solid B. Some of the scenes showing our main characters surrounded by the undead gave me the impression they had plot armor on. Give me more plausibility that GOT has delivered previously. ,That was basically Snoke from TLJ. So much hype around the NK and he dies… just like that it’s all over.Nah. Snoke was all BS. NK was the real deal. Took down Viserion raised him from the dead, took out the wall, couldn’t be burned by fire, attacked Winterfell and raised the dead in the battle, offed Theon. He really couldn’t be taken out by anything but a stealth kill. He was several boss battles all in one.,What else do you want from him? To sit on the iron throne? He wiped out most of their forces, leaving them vulnerable when they take on King’s Landing. He had to be dealt with one way or another that wouldn’t take forever. Why not with a vessel of the Many-faced god? The series had been hyping them up to be the most lethal people of the show.,Yeah I liked the choice. The only criticism with Arya is that she is the underdog, but hey guilty pleasure, because I love underdog themes.But yeah I was waiting for Jon to be the hero, and don’t get me wrong he kicked some major ass, but towards the end he was just like every other person that managed to survive; he was just fighting for his life, trying to stay alive.People talking like Arya is OP but the truth is anyone that is still alive at this point is OP 😛 Concerning Episode 2:That was a sweet episode. I liked how it was a low simmer, slow even. But it was great seeing them all in the hall around the fire talking about stuff.Podrick really grew into a serious looking fellow in the past couple years, too, was very surprised to see him kicking ass and taking names after being such a goof (though a well-endowed one, at that).And Tormund Giantsbane! He might have been the best part of that episode. I love his obsession with Brienne, and that story about suckling on the giant’s teet was great!,I’m glad the Night King is gone. Cercei is the real evil person in the show. Glad we can get back to planning on whooping her ass.As for Arya and the many-faced god, it makes sense; you have this Night King who is the pretender to the Death God throne trying to literally kill everyone and erase their history, it’s only logical the Many-Faced God would send one of its representatives (Arya) to end the charade.
    People knew this from the 8-bit era where games were typically 20 minutes long.
    By mean of virtual playstation 4..lol
    He’s not any more “racist” than the average person, where in lieu of information about a person, everyone will make snap judgments about what they think based on race and culture. Which is why presentation is so important, why traditional black names are seen more favorably then ghetto black names.


    Political Gamers
    Come on spit it out already!
    Well some people initially believe the One X was equivalent to a GTX 1070 and that is would sporting Ryzen. So, I understand the need to rub in the reality for those posters.
    The story mode is fun, but especially the shakedowns and arcade challenges have some really old school feeling gameplay.

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