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    They killed Princess Diana, too, can’t forget about that one.
    Now, as for Shadow of Chernobyl. I’d take a step back if i were you and if you’d want the best possible experience; Absolute Nature and Absolute Structures haven’t been updated for Shadow of Chernobyl in a long time and they don’t look that good these days in my opinion, i haven’t used them in years. There’s nothing wrong with those two texture packs, they do make the game look
    5 bucks say next splinter cell will be another AC/far cry clone..
    We have very different opinion on what is silent I think.
    For their charcoal briquettes?
    ^ ^ This X 100
    Another day in Sony land.
    Well, usually. But like, I recall the USA Cole bombing being referred to as a terrorist attack all the time. Anyway, my point wasn’t to say that the rebels ARE terrorists. I was just saying that the fact that they attacked a military target doesn’t automatically mean that they’re NOT terrorists. It’s entirely possible to commit acts of terrorism by attacking a military target.

    That actually was sort of a bad episode. What George La Forge was doing really was creeper territory. He basically, without permission turned her into a sex doll with the compliance of a potato lol
    your unwillingness to even provide an example tells me everything I need to know, its horseshit.
    The Resistance series for the PS3 is essential first person shooter. right up there with Call of Duty and below Bioshock. Great story that will take you thru 3 extensive games.
    Every point I stated you were unable to argue against because it is all factual occurrences in the game.


    Played the other Metro games and watched Exodus. None of the games have the depth or substance of Resident Evil 2’s.
    Where does it say that is 7200RPM? So it doesn’t say and you are assuming so yeah you have no proof and MS never claimed its disk was 7200RPM by the way.
    You changed dictionary definitions now?
    Bug Reporting & Feedback
    I’ll butt in if you hoes don’t mind.

    #1508776 Rispondi

    it was also niche when it was exclusive to playstation. it needed to go multiplat on PC and xbox to sell.
    You honestly, think that was the only reason Trump won? Than you haven’t studied well the election. I’m a democrat, that was a Bernie supporter and what the DNC did to Bernie was an abomination – so I decided to vote for a third party candidate. I have tons of friends that did the same. There are multiple reasons why Hilary lost, not just Russian interference.
    what? ok..2 weeks? lol
    Holy shit… Stop. This is the most pathetic argument i’ve seen. You had to divert attention away to me being
    Either be specific or take it to System Wars as I’m looking for genuine discussion not the above.
    You would think people would catch on how the system works then?
    You must be fun at parties

    No I noticed it too. It was a very generic city.
    Whatchoo talking about? There’s plenty more coming our way that don’t have hype threads claimed!
    I see. That’s kinda funny. Wish they thought about the acronyms. I do wonder if memes already have large effects due to the active net population steadily growing.
    Did you just gloss over the part where if MS succeeds in becoming the de facto cloud infrastructure for gaming they will likely get hit with hundreds of anti-trust lawsuits? Did you miss the part where Apple is fighting similar battles right now with the EU and in the US over just their apps store???
    Nor is the Punisher.


    That’s the media for ya. They just play to the morons who flip-flop more than a pancake.
    So you think Switch will overtake PS4’s 100 million+ sales of this year?
    Rare Replay was my most played Xbox One Exclusive game I really enjoy the most and probably one of the best Xbox One game to date and I really wish MS could port Rare Replay on Windows 10 cause I so want to replay that game again but on my PC.
    His tweaked PC version clearly shows superior depth and colour in SDR mode compared to PS4 Pro. Any HDR benefits can also be had on the PC version. Even if he is not playing the game in HDR on PC, his experience is still vastly superior to playing the game in HDR on PS4 Pro. Too many compromises on the PS4 Pro version.
    DDR is the most important music game. It paved the way for games like Guitar Freaks, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc. And DDR also laid the groundwork for physical exer-gaming, paving the way for the Wii. DDR was influential, popular, had geographic reach, and had longevity, so it fits all the criteria.
    BB is a Playstation Exclusive that can be played on PS4 or PS PLUS, but not Exclusive to PS4 since that is 2 independent platforms.
    Can you play Netflix or Hulu exclusives on an iPhone?

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