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    #1508473 Rispondi

    How does he even get to all those different planets? Only thing I can think of is he had a shrunken space ship in his pocket or something. Or maybe he can use Thor’s hammer to teleport?
    I have high standard in FPS games.
    There are a dosen categories. You are a great candidate for best new user. 🙂
    i clearly said nintendo will release them soon in the fiscal report.
    id software are more creative than developers like CDPR who make most boring games on earth like seriously.
    So true it’s interesting how that is.
    Action games can have the same effect on me. Especially when they’re too easy and hand hold-y with very little challenge to be had like most AAA/mainstream bullshit. Same goes for the repetitive online/mp garb.
    Um you have it arse backwards as Sony doesn’t have one because none of its characters are memorable, you cows have owned yourselves with this thread LOL.
    Endgame is said to be 3 hours, so MCU is going out with a big bang! As for plot-wise: (possible spoilers)

    Are you kidding? LeBron gets so much hate from all sides when he makes even a minor ****-up. Where were you during his first year in Miami? He was lampooned and derided the entire season as a villain and got completely torn apart because of his performance in the NBA Finals vs the Mavericks that year. He’s done a brilliant job repairing his image the past few years and maturing as an individual, but to say the media hypes him up as a “can do no wrong” player is just a straight up lie. Check your facts.
    If a game ties rank to playthrough time, I absolutely agree. Especially with an atmospheric game like a survival horror game. The environments in RE2 are so richly detailed. It’s a shame to just sprint through the rooms (even though there’s a good change you’re being chased by something). I’ve gotten to a point in the game where I’ve basically almost completely cleared the Police Station to the point where I can safely explore almost all of it. I’m -really- grateful they included the red/blue map colors to let you know when you’re completely finished with a room.
    So…when does the common sense in any of this kick in? All you did was scream PS4 launched at $400 and then your brain shut off.
    isn’t Jak already available on the PS Store on PS4Is it? I have no idea… don’t have a PS4. But I’ve never heard anyone talk about it.maybe its just in the PS2 classics,I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more talk… I’m curious to see how it turns out.isn’t Jak already available on the PS Store on PS4Nope, not yet.,,how much was the uncharted 4 deluxe version?,Just because they’re pumped doesn’t mean they’re buying it.Should I have posted a thread about 4K and the XB1X instead,how much was the uncharted 4 deluxe version?I believe it was $80 at the time but I think he got it cheaper. It was basically the game $60 at release + the Triple pack $25 (includes this Lost Legacy) + a bunch of other goodies. It’s was weird too because they removed the Triple pack and replaced it with the Explorer pack which was also $25 but then they removed that all of that.
    Apparently 28 % winning chance equals 0. Could you show me the math or justification behind that rationale?
    Individuals deny basic science, not the whole party.
    ”RECENT?” Since when was N64 and onwards ”recently”?

    You’d think they’d learn from the Heath Ledger response.
    GameSpot Giveaways
    Coming from you that is lol worthy.
    Cool, remember how you said you were not upset. 😉
    Sports Bar
    Sounds like you’re enjoying your time with the game?
    Off-Topic Discussion

    #1508727 Rispondi

    It’s like you didn’t learn a thing with election polls last time.
    What cpu do you have? Doesn’t cpu help boost the score a bit too?
    I don’t have to try again intel pentium 3 CPU at 800mhz came a year after the dreamcast was out,and was completely prohibitive probably close to $900 dollars the 256 again 300 and you dude still missing a complete PC still.
    If that’s your “definition” then pretty much everything is “anti-consumer” unless it’s given away for free and available on everything under the sun.
    Makes you think if they have to restructure budgets.

    For once, I agree. It be funny if this game doesn’t score higher then Crackdown 3, would make this place fun again lol.
    I really enjoyed reading game reviews in the 90s.
    Reseat CPU or CPU cooler? I can’t see why reseating the CPU itself should make a difference.
    Some are certified supported. This one isn’t, but I should be able to manually enable it. I hope the range goes down to 50Hz or even less.
    But you were stating as if it is fact and even now you are making the claim as if its an inevitable truth when its not because you factually do not know. You all need to stop with these overly assertive speculations.

    Excuse me, but you never said what games you are talking about. Not even once a title of a game was brought up by you in your own thread. Am i really the one who is making up a point?
    YouTubers / Streamers Unite
    So are you expecting Switch to have more anime style looking games right?
    491 results
    99 results

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