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    I’m not sure of a single game to have 120hz on consoles. Something tells me it’s still 60 at max, and next-gen
    I agree with this. Its been an issue for me since last season – where the Ice magically re-freezes overnight to be thicker than it was before when it had been frozen for god knows how long beforehand.
    The problem I am seeing with your response is the absence of the same stupidity coming form PC fanboys. In the same scenario there would be PC fanboys complaining about the resolution, the framerate and or the lack of mods etc consoles. My point on PC gaming not being standard is that the specifications of the systems and the experience is not the same for each PC gamer. Some experience will be worse than console gamers and some will be better and that is all based on the individual expectations independent of specs.
    lmao spot the far right gun nut
    Of course it adds up.
    I still plan on it. Otherwise, I didn’t start HD console gaming until we got our PAL XBOX 360.
    This is not you saying you’re indifferent to someone being hit by a truck (which is pretty bad on its own), this is you laughing about it multiple times and saying he got what he deserved. He should have stayed at home playing xbox in the basement, instead he went outside and vocalized his thoughts that you disagree with. So him getting hit, was funny to you.I will repeat my original response to you…. you’re a disgusting human being.And what did you say after this?@comeonman said: I don’t have a problem with the man’s beliefs. It’s his behavior I don’t like. Those christians weren’t hurting him, or anyone else. But this dude and his buddy with the megaphone show up to be the turd in the punch bowl. Well, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, isn’t it?So again, you’re saying he deserved it for practicing his rights to vocalize his opinion. This is the “behavior” you’re speaking of… someone saying something you dont agree with. Thus its okay that this happened to him, and you’ll even laugh about it. And then you go with “its all fun and games blah blah blah”, which again, is you saying that he did something wrong (spoke words you didnt agree with) and thought it was okay, until something negative happened to him… which again, you laughed about and said he deseved….. again.. yet again… this is you claiming that someone potentially being murdered is an acceptable response to you hearing something you disagree with.,Most of your post can be addressed by answering these questions, so I will target them.To answer the first question: Yes. Generally the fastest way to shut down a militant atheist is to take their phone away and then give them a basic science and history quiz. People who generally know one or the other don’t use them to get obstinate about creation. Those who do tend to be taking very large leaps of faith. They repeat folks who have done and know the science, but they would struggle with a tenth grade bio final.I asked if they were preaching gospel……. Not if they fully understood scientific material. There’s a fundamental difference in the material being mentioned between the two groups and there’s also a fundamental difference in real world applications between the two.@kittennose said: To answer the second: No, but Mormons do not either. I don’t live in some magical science utopia, I live in a neighborhood with ten times more dispensaries then grocery stores. Mormons invite me over for dinner when I move into a neighborhood and then don’t really talk to after me except to make sure I have Turkey twice a year. Or to give me soda. Mormons love sharing soda. I am convinced they are trolling.Really, Mormons dont? They don’t do this by the millions across the country?https://www.exploregod.com/why-do-mormons-knock-on-doorsSure fooled me.Jehovah witnesses dont do this by the millions across the nation? Sure fooled me.https://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/faq/door-to-door/Sure fooled me.Southern Baptists dont do this by the millions?https://www.namb.net/Resources/Door-to-Door_Survey.pdfSure fooled me.What? Half of all chruches don’t drop off reading material on peoples front doors every week? (if you like i can wait until Monday or Tuesday when im sure they’ll be by my house and scan the pamphlet i know for a fact they’ll drop off, when i refuse to answer the door…. because telling them not to come back, does not work)… and note the pamphlets in the picture they tend to drop off one at a time, once or twice a week.Here’s your robocalls, you can find more on youtube, they’re very easy to find.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPOFkg34x_4&t=85sGet it?I understand that maybe you have dodged this bullet, some how… and i have no idea how, but in the 9 states ive lived in, except NY, this has been a regular thing i and every single person ive ever spoke with, dealt with. Its so common its mocked and mimicked on hundreds of televisions show and movies and basically any political or social commentary you can find.It would be awesome if i lived in the magical state you live in, but sadly i live in the USA, where in the USA this crap is super common.Actually i need a bit of a clarification here…. are you really unaware of the tens of millions of Mormons that go door to door, every single day? Or are you suggesting that before you join their church (where all women lose equal value to men and blacks have only been considered human for like 20 years) they’re nice people? Ever heard the stories from people who (literally…. while still chained up) had to escape Mormon churches? It kind of seems like you’re saying the latter…. which if that is the case…. okay. So you’ve met some asshole atheists, congratulations? How does this some how equate to say…… baptists being ultra nice to you, while asking for state funds to do electroshock therapy on gay people? Or say, being ultra nice, but lets oppress gay people, that sounds awesome… because we’re nice right? We hate the sin, not the sinner and until you stop sinning, we’re going to oppress you! Smile!,Im sorry, the behavior of vocalizing his opinion… yes, what terrible behavior. It definitely warrants being hit by a car and then warrants you cheering that.@comeonman said: Promoting thought crime…….phhht. Melodramatic much?Well lets see.Because he dared share a different opinion than you, you cheered his potential death and said it was his fault for thinking and saying something you didnt agree with……….. how is that not thought crime? It describes thought crime to a tee.,Youve missed my point.You might be some lucky person who does not have to deal with this, but many Americans do. If you live in the South or Midwest, you’re probably dealing with it to some degree and on a regular basis, and its always unsolicited. And we can be annoyed with the “militant atheists” all we want, but how often have those been unsolicited? Have not happened within the context of a conversation? Probably not many or not at all right? Even if the religious don’t target you, you do at least recognize that there is an extreme level of unsolicited attempted attempted conversion that we simply don’t see with non-believers. You do recognize that this is the reality for a lot of people right?@kittennose said:I don’t get my science from the science channel. I have never seen it but I assume it is akin to getting your history from the history channel. I would sort of assume the science channel is equally fictitious. I mean….. people should not rely on it as a sole arbitrator of information, but a lot of whats on the science channel is not much different from a visual version of going to see a NDT, Lawrence Kruass, Brian Greene… whatever his name is, Hawkings, speech. Its mostly programs like How the Universe Works, Through the Wormhole, How its Made, Physics of the Impossible W/ michio Kaku. Thats about all i watch on it, but its mostly solid viewing with qualified people. I definitely wouldn’t suggest its on par with the history channel given that the majority of whats on the history channel is reality tv and Ancient Aliens now. The H used to stand for the Hitler Channel, but its not even that anymore.But none of that is the point and it does not matter if you’re viewing this as accurate information or not. The point is that “science” is viewed as the enemy of Christianity and the best way for them to target their enemy (of a different belief system, or non-belief system) is to attempt to convert them, because its all religion knows. So if they were going to target non-believers, instead of respecting them ,this is how they’d do it. And they are. Its simply another example of religion stretching its arm to do what…. is normalized in America and what people are so used to, they’re blind to it.@kittennose said:Well ‘loudly’ asking one’s self “why shouldn’t I be militant?” in the middle of the conversation is kind of the answer. Folks didn’t defend atheists because they believed bible thumpers had the wrong book. They defended them because they are not fans of militant idealists in general. If atheists are going to act like bible thumpers then they are going to get thrown in the same bin.Except the behavior you’re highlighting is not a product of “atheism”, its a product of oppression and being forced to think another way. This reaction is how anyone reacts after being shoved down and silenced, and then they finally get to speak, with this silencing still attempting to happen on a regular basis. People don’t become what you’re considering “militant atheists” because they voiced their opinion and then it was respected. And this is when dealing with the loud, in your face people. Now when you say “militant” im applying those people, and the way every non-believer should and probably does feel about religion… its disgusting and unacceptable. You want to suggest being “militant” toward religion is a bad thing, but we are the one’s who have to watch the news daily to see some insane shit done in the name of god, and we don’t suggest to act in kind.The best question is, why should you not be militant toward religion when it does everything we see it do? Do you find it acceptable to burn students alive? I don’t think you do, but are you suggesting on the scale of “little concern” to “outrage/something needs to change” this falls more into the “little concern” category? You know…. militant is not a bad word, its simply something that needs to be applied appropriately to life.@kittennose said: Folks didn’t defend atheists because they believed bible thumpers had the wrong book. They defended them because they are not fans of militant idealists in general. If atheists are going to act like bible thumpers then they are going to get thrown in the same bin.And is this what you’re seeing? Are you really seeing “Atheists” preaching the gospel of something else? Are atheists going door to door dropping off books of Dawkins?No, none of this shit is actually happening is it? At best you might have witnessed some over-enthused teenagers or young adults who only know a couple of writers on the subject, and tend to cite them too often. And are they saying that the bible thumpers had the wrong book? They just need a new one? Or even then, would they simply be pointing out someone citing historical facts in order to disprove different religious sects? And we go back to my original problem, even the militant atheists you bring up, do not even remotely begin to act like the religious. Or, i should say, in the way the religious are a fucking problem. Are there loud assholes? Are there loud assholes just along for the ride? Yah sure, you have these with every group. But when we talk about religion and religious people as a problem, this is not one of those problems. People speaking and being annoying is not a problem, its action thats a problem.,No, im not confusing anything. Unlike you i looked all of this up before responding. ,You’re confusing excusable homicide with justifiable homicide.With Justifiable homicide you can still face a wide range of charges, including many manslaughter. Deeming something a justifiable homicide does not make you free from death related charges.

    Then they’ll play the Dreams’ (gonna be small) community’s “games”.. won’t have much impact on the gaming industry though. At least I don’t think there’s a good chance.
    yeah yeah yeah…but still can’t fit my SFF desktop that really needs the low-profile GPU ones. What I only found on the local market is the standard desktop compliant ones.
    I think that is an easy false assumption there.
    Lmao what is this nonsense.
    Isn’t it the same dude who basically told citizens to shoot anyone dealing drugs and they get a reward for it? He seems pretty hardcore. Not someone who would bluff willy nilly, especially if called out on it. Someone who likes to play with fire and burn bright.
    100% agree. It’s basically a remake of the first movie (I guess that’s the reason?) but I enjoy it more.
    Hurts to lose exclusives, doesn’t it? 😉


    let me guess.
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    So Sony will buy a company as a wise business decision and lose money on it and even pay to lose money?
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    Keep dreaming. Thief 1/2 has some of the best level design EVA and would frustrate newshits & casuals (you know, the ones UBI markets their games to) way too much.,Ahem…. Fallout
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