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    Yep. They don’t have the economies to even stand on their own; these useless welfare states exist just to be a drain on the Union. I feel bad for my black and brown brothers and sisters stuck in yokel yee yee country.
    Try to tell that to the sheep
    You showed 1 link which was 18 months into the PS2 life almost 2 years. So again it wasn’t happening months after launch.
    Damn shame. I wanted to see how it turns out. Guess I’m just gonna catch up with my backlog of games until October for Gears of War 4.
    in 2016, I couldn’t be bothered to do individual results.
    it has been doing that for all of human history, increased productivity != laziness
    Yeah, I really don’t get the song choice for the trailer.
    Well we have people who think it’s ok to recycle and I think at one point we had a vegetarian, is that close enough?
    Yup, that’s Ubi. They don’t have any time or resources to work on anything apart from AC and Far Cry 26352.

    No, it isn’t. I would always purchase a native game over a cloud only game.But developer power favours Cloud over Native. What incentive does a Japanese company, for example, have to develop for Switch when they can simply use XCloud to stream a full console game to Switch?,I can’t believe you say that with a straight face. Unless Nintendo has over $1 Trillion USD to buy Microsoft.
    I miss Battlebots
    How many people do you think cross the border illegally every year? It can’t be that many if most Democrats claim that the border crisis is manufactured by Trump to gain support for the wall.
    I gotta admit, it would be pretty damn funny watching RGknee try to deal with that shit!
    WTF !!!


    Dude, my comment about people thinking the Xbox One X is equivalent to a GTX 1070 literally has nothing to do with the game’s optimization yet you quoted me on a nonspecific quote about optimization. You alrite?
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    That’s NOT what a goal post move is. You couldn’t get it through you thick skull as to how a bad approval rating can be measured, apart from the fact that at 36-40% a majority of Americans thinks he’s not doing well. I showed you how with facts. That’s IT.
    So you’re saying loading screens were disguised as an active open world? That’s a new one I haven’t heard before.
    Isn’t INTERNETFICATION (Youtube/gamefaqs) more the reason for this than dumbing down?
    But that version is missing features, and isn’t portable.

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    I really enjoyed reading game reviews in the 90s.
    Like I said earlier, PC gaming has not been left behind, it is being held up.That’s not entirely true, but it’s more accurate than saying PC gaming has been left behind.I imagine we will see a big jump in technical capability when the next gen of consoles come out, but we will hit that “generational ceiling” in a couple short years afterwards.,Same with me I game on PS4 and PC but I miss when PC hardware wasn’t being held back for console parity I’m a true believer that every system should be able to be used to it’s full power and not be held back in anyway. What was left behind was a awesome time in gaming where you knew your games weren’t getting downgraded and you had devs that came from the modding scene and supported it properly. Now these days it’s just a bunch of suits that are not gamers trying to make a quick buck.,It’s not so much that’s it exclusive it has more to do with the game being built from the ground up on PC so it’s able to benefit more then just being a console port that looks slightly better then the console version. It not that I want exclusives to the platform to brag like the fanboys do I want a PC game that isn’t held back by console hardware nothing against them I been gaming on console for most of my life. I like getting the most out of my hardware I hate it when PC games are purposely downgraded it’s ridiculous. It’s like buying a sports car but your not allowed to drive it on certain roads because it might make other drivers feel that their car is inferior it’s really stupid logic that the gaming industry seems to follow these days.,It wasn’t a small portion. 15 Years ago you had Far Cry, Doom 3, Half-Life 2 all were developed for PC first. Even Call of Duty expansion United Offensive was developed no PC first. Later on games like Far Cry added HDR support and pixel shader 3.0 support to support the new features of the GeForce 6000 series that was released 15 years ago. So it wasn’t a small portion. Big AAA titles were developed for the PC first. In 2005 we had F.E.A.R., Quake 4 developed for the PC first even Need For Speed Most Wanted with Bloom effects had good PC support. I could probably find more but these were some big name AAA titles focused on the PC first. @mrbojangles25 said:@xantufrog said: It didn’t. Pc gaming is probably the strongest it has ever been, with the broadest development and most consistent AAA support. People counting games being shared with other platforms now as a loss are missing the point, IMO. Near as I can tell, we’re gaining support. I’ve been playing since the late 80s, and it has never been more convenient, stable, and less fringe. Exclusives get me no special enjoymentQFT@Xtasy26 said: …developers have started to follow the lowest common denominator hence the consoles without any effort to focus on PC development fist and then port it to consoles like it was in the era you mentioned…Like I said earlier, PC gaming has not been left behind, it is being held up.That’s not entirely true, but it’s more accurate than saying PC gaming has been left behind.I imagine we will see a big jump in technical capability when the next gen of consoles come out, but we will hit that “generational ceiling” in a couple short years afterwards.Held up or held back? ;)Yeah you could argue held back. We also didn’t had the issue of hitting the “generation ceiling” because games would be developed on the PC first and then “dumbed down” for consoles. Now it’s “wait for new gen consoles” to come to raise the “lowest common denominator”. If we had PC focused development first then we wouldn’t have to wait for that “generation ceiling”. ,The thing that bums me out with Star Citizen is that there is hardly any other PC games like it. The crowdfunding support that game got should have encouraged more devs to develop ambitious high end PC games. Star Citizen proved that there is still a large market of PC gamers wanting high end games and will drop tons of money to make it happen. It ain’t like the mid 2000s where devs could point to piracy numbers and bigger sales on consoles as justification for not doing so. Games sell just as much if not even more on PC nowadays. The crowdfunding craze is over now so I don’t see another crowdfunded game like Star Citizen coming any time soon and people have been burned too many times on bad projects and now crap like Epic Games and publishers moneyhatting crowdfunded games is making it worse.Speaking of which if Epic is so set on having exclusives for their store then they should get actual exclusives and not just locking PC versions of multiplat games to their store. They could invest in the development of PC games in exchange for exclusivity and even offer help to co develop them. I don’t see any excuses considering they helped a Chinese company co develop a high end mobile game. The most their Unreal Grant program will do is give $500k to a developer.,How many people were working on RDR 2? What was its budget? How long did it take?Just because SC is crowdfunded and has an open development process, everyone feels they have the right to shit on it.Loading Video…
    Hahahahahaha. No wonder you are so bummed out. You are a Mavs/Heat fan. LMFAO the Spurs own you.
    This or make a new Max Payne game.
    I wouldn’t call being able to get a refund “entitled.” This is one area among many where console gaming lags behind PC gaming. Steam offers refunds, and Valve is so customer friendly they are usually granted. If you buy a console game and it sucks you are left either selling it at a loss or haggling with some gamestop employee who will give you 5 bucks for something you just spent 60 dollars on.
    For once, I agree. It be funny if this game doesn’t score higher then Crackdown 3, would make this place fun again lol.
    Apparently their 60″ TV’s are what make Sony mature and appealing to the masses

    Really? I can play Bloodborne on my PC via PS Now. And can also play Helldivers, Everybody’s Gone to Rapture, Journey etc. natively.
    302 results
    This is a new poll. 05/22/19 11:00 AM EDT. How can it be the same post over and over? You sound triggered.
    Just like Audi and VW difference which address different market segments.


    I mean, if we are being 100% honest here, they basically are put up for people to fap at.
    It’s you who needs meds
    If you pay for something and is not YOUR at the end of the payment you are officially renting..
    ? Move topic to another board
    I’m not concerned. I’m more just interested in what you meant.

    Sony talked about the MARKET lemming not about the PS4.

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    You are restoring the backup from the same phone number and Google account that the backup was created on;. Of course, you won t be able to play all these files, but Google Docs will play many types of video using Google Video player. How to Use Google Drive to Backup Your Data. This after Dropbox had been set up as a location se real months ago. Private Zone-Applock Hide pics 4. Service worker s For background tasks and offline support Application shell architecture For rapid loading with service workers. The entry-level option is 2 a month for 100GB, followed by its most popular, option for 10 a month, which comes with a terabyte of space. NOTE There are no way to see the WhatsApp hidden app data in google drive so guys if you want can see the those Download WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive you need same device and phone number to restore that backup. It s not something I ve tried myself, but if it is only used for removable storage drives, I doubt if there s much likelihood of striking a problem. Поскольку основная часть моих данных – диск или iCloud с iPad или любым другим способом. When you try to access a file via a shared link, you might see a message that says You need permission. It is your turn to figure out their problems and help them.

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    fortnite stw price ps4

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