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    What ! Vince McMahon is the Architect, the shot caller, da man of most importance. And he was gone we’d have to deal with Shane his son ? Oh hell no.
    i doubt any company would disclose their exact formula for this… they don’t want the world to know they’re charging $2M for a drug that they spent $100K developing by accident 😛
    Born and raised in England, bud. I’m well aware what the EU is. You’re also completely wrong. Do keep trying, as your continued posts make you look ridiculously dumb. Your definition of “market” doesn’t change anything. At the end of the day, Japan is the third largest
    Burn the socialist. Kill the liberal. Purge the democrat.
    You are one to talk about being delusional. If you think I’m a cow then that just proves my point.
    You seem to be implying that being gay is like a disease, which is pretty messed up. As if accidentally seeing two dudes hugging might suddenly affect your orientation. I have bad news on that front man, if you see two manly dudes furiously making out and you think it’s turning you, you were already there.

    You need 5 Mbps download/upload and latency of 5 ms as a minimum, you don’t have the speed or latency.
    Depends on the Stratagy game. And if SRPG games are of consideration_
    Yeah like modded gta v looks fucking gorgeous at night
    Yeah it’s an amazing game. Legit stealth titles of high quality are pretty rare these days, and Mark of the Ninja is one of them. The game is challenging and hard at times, but fair; the best kind of difficulty there is.
    I wold say the same about Sea of thieve but then again,MS will not refund you anything for downloading it from gamepass, well at least you can delete it and get back the wasted space.


    That’s true. There are a lot of people who do care. It’s just every time a trophy pops up for beating a level or shooting some particular weapon for the first time, it reminds me of sticker charts people use to reward children while potty training.
    YouTubers / Streamers Unite
    If you buy a Switch expecting lots of great 3rd party games, you’re an idiot. Switch is for portability, some first party titles and indie games. What it does, it does well.
    Good. I’d rather keep exploring the old than be one of my peers who barely know anything about cinema and whose every other film conversation is about someone wearing a cape or mask. People who can’t grasp themes if they’re not spoon-fed and obvious and who need movies to be fast-paced. Of course they made plenty of bad, forgettable movies back in the old days too, but I have a much easier time finding quality. Older TV shows are better too. It kind of sucked that I didn’t have anyone I could speak with about
    If i am failed why are you upset?
    I hope u get all the games you’re interested in mate.
    Not quite but still backwards as f#ck.

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    It took Nintendo a few years of annual losses several years back to decide to enter the mobile market. Out of all the mobile games Nintendo released, only Fire Emblem Heroes is the most profitable.
    People repeat this ad nausem. Where did you read that Steam does not set prices?
    Bull. Lebron had Bosh, Wade, Haslem, Miller, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers. How much more do u need if you’re as good as Jordan?
    Figures. Sometimes it was fun to post there, but a lot of the time it was an exercise in emotional masochism.
    Yeah I am willing to give Epic a shot, I actually installed their storefront day one.

    Yeah, from what I’m hearing you can pretty much play it as a solo game like you would KOTOR or Jedi Knight, just build your own jedi or sith lord.
    I prefer the Winter sales for a much better deals. Only this time, I’ll wait for GoG sales. ,To be fair, the MTV author complained that the movie was too long to have the disability community struggle going to the restrooms.,That scene was abit it on the nose. Kinda bad really. That little scene with Scarlett Witch attacking and almost killing Mr.Bean made sense to the plot, showed how powerful she was and generally felt natural.Lining up up the Powerpuff Girls? Not so much.,That scene was abit it on the nose. Kinda bad really. That little scene with Scarlett Witch attacking and almost killing Mr.Bean made sense to the plot, showed how powerful she was and generally felt natural.Lining up up the Powerpuff Girls? Not so much.I’ll take Scarlet Witch anytime over Captain Marvel,Oh Lord haha.That woman scene was awful. Like mentioned above, the one on one with Thanos was awesome. I loved that part.,I hear you as I too am a winter person, but Summer does has some advantages like the one I mentioned earlier :),He did? that’s a good thing, one less cow in the paddock lol.,He did? that’s a good thing, one less cow in the paddock lol.Sure, he maybe a Cow, but he was always honest about it and often times call out Sony’s BS from time to time. But hey, he took it seriously so this is all on him lol.,HUH. *mac readies banhammer*,HUH. *mac readies banhammer*WHAT? I thought we’re friends? :'(,HUH. *mac readies banhammer*WHAT? I thought we’re friends? :'(We cool.You should know, however, that the Steam summer sale is not my favorite part of summer. Imagine, buying a single game for five dollars?? LOL. Humble Bundle gives me five games PER dollar.,Including the monitor, around $2,120.00 total. Bought my CPU at Microcenter, not including the OS
    If you’re selling less units the loss per unit actually matter less to their overall bottom line. Having a larger userbase to sell games to from jump also makes those losses on hardware easier to swallow as well.
    And that price is all due to the new tech taking so much space.


    No it’s not a bug. I took a look at previous Dirt games and none of them offer resolutions above 1080p. So this is no exception. It’s weird, but intentional.
    Who said discriminate using race? In fact I explicitly said I didn’t advocate for using race.
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