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    Shooting a Jaguar who did nothing wrong? Where’s the justice at? ,Hard to say without knowing her coverage. She likely has health insurance that’ll help cover those costs, so bankruptcy would be unlikely.
    But it’s not the same logic. Not at all.
    I wonder why that is.
    You need lower latency.
    Get paid beyond their “free ride through college?”
    Speak for yourself there, vat.
    That seems about right expansion pack price. They use to be ?19.99, but jumped as time went on.
    I guess Wade wants to Retire in Chicago

    Even though FH4 is great, I like FH3 just that little bit more 🙂
    Heh, I’d be happy for either team to smash the cocky Real Madrid. I just happen to prefer Chelsea to Atletico, sorry to hear you hate them but I don’t blame you with the Mourinho thing haha why do you dislike him exactly?
    yes me too I’ve always loved physical discs.
    You’re very very wrong. Hundreds/thousands of people have reported screens burning out when upgrading to Windows 10. It’s very well documented. There’s 300+ page threads about it on various websites. People have gone so far as to try to mimic it just to be sure it was Windows 10 causing it and it was. Pretty crazy problem eh?
    Exactly, it makes you “ENTITLED.”
    The RTX 2080 Ti will be an improvement over the 1080 Ti though! It’s rumored to be 25-50% more powerful than the 1080 Ti.


    window.amzn_assoc_link_hover_style=”color:#e03800 !important;”
    Yeah, definitely jealous lol. I’m from England, so i’ve done a lot of Europe, but never Italy… Living in Canada makes it more difficult now.
    I think George Lucas is given more credit than he deserves. The way I look at it, he caught ‘lightning-in-a-bottle’ with his first efforts with the Star Wars franchise. I think it shows because when he came back to do the prequels; well…we know how those ones turned out. He did a few other niche pieces before Star Wars – like American Graffiti – but honestly I don’t view him as the spectacular director so many Star Wars fanboys hype him out to be. He got lucky and then he turned his life’s career into milking what he got lucky with. He’s a self-deteriorated one-trick-pony in my eyes. I know he came up with the premise of Indiana Jones as well, but he passed those projects onto his pal Stephen Spielberg. I always look at Spielberg as a way more robust and varied director. At least Spielberg does different things in his career – he is a much more defined visionary director.
    I don’t think a home console is ever going to do that again. Especially now that STREEEEMING is about to throw a monkey wrench in everything.
    I think both games like God of War 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn done it right the first time and even Jak & Dexter: The Precursor Legacy did a good job with barley loading screens and that was impressive on PS2. We know they’ll be loading screens, developers just got to learn how to get around this issue. Of course, when you die in the game, expect to see loading screen which is fine.
    I’m literally just quoting Oxford and Merriam-Webster, you troglodytes.

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    Pretty sure no hype for Crackdown 3 won’t stop the Sony Justice Warriors branding that a flop when it scores a 6/10
    I heard that developers can scale their game engines to meet the performance on various platforms. I know, its crazy. 😐
    Morrowind’s or even Daggerfall’s combat wasn’t great by any means, but I could forgive it somewhat because being victorious in combat was mostly the result of character skill and there were actual RPG mechanics involved. Oblivion/Skyrim might have had slightly better combat from an action standpoint, but it became tedious as f**k really fast because both the RPG mechanics and the combat mechanics were very simple and shallow and felt really shitty & floaty too without any sense of impact. It was a really bad compromise, especially in a game so heavily focused on combat.
    So by that logic, the PS2 continued to sell after the PS3 was released because the PS3 was BC with PS2 games? Seriously dude?
    I feel like that can still be a great set-up and satisfy what you’re saying. Since Infinity War Star-Lord pretty much became the biggest ****-up to many. His jealousy of matters that shouldn’t have made him jealous to begin with, but his challenged masculinity has put him at a low-point as of current. After Endgame it is apparent that he is still at a low-point and has not learned anything from his mistakes and he still has tensions towards Thor.
    I mean I do have it Digital already. Unless it has a few bonus tracks or whatever. I heard he’s dropping another album this year. Bey just dropped hers yesterday. So Im expecting Jay to be next. They all usually drop albums around the same time. Hopefully Ye and Jay drop a Throne sequel soon.

    I gotta admit, half the reason I’m still around is to witness the eventual closure of this site, and to poach as many users as I can when that day comes. 😡
    Yep, it sure did, Batman v Superman isn’t even close.
    huh? you’re confusing me, what things are you talking about?
    Banning the second account wasn’t an error because as Zanelli also said creating multiple accounts is against the rules, not just creating multiple accounts for the purposes of impersonation. While Xantu may have incorrectly thought the purpose of your account was for impersonation, he wasn’t wrong that it was an alt. You’re only allowed to have one account at a time and to my knowledge you didn’t tell us about this situation until after your second account got banned.
    That’s so weird. I opened mine on Christmas and thought I would watch a movie while downloading Forza 7.
    For me, the RTX2080 is still a huge upgrade in performance. It’s really not suitable for people with 1070Ti/1080 or above.
    Well, I wouldnt say he’s the face of PS but its heavily connected with Sony by now since it holds its rights and all


    its not bad. the FPS part made by id software is good. just everything else made by avalanche is crap.
    Jump to Last Read
    The only BS around here is you whiteknighting and agreeing with an opinion saying x1 is the worst failure in gaming history. That’s not even debatable, seeing as it’s currently in the top 10 best selling consoles of all time list.
    Jesus Christ, you’re just putting words in my mouth now. What does people bashing Sony for censoring have to do with a SJW reviewer giving a game a very bad score? I’m not talking about the internet bashing the game, the internet isn’t, it’s quite the opposite actually. I’m talking about GS and IGN’s 5/10 score that’s way below the MC average. I personally think the game is a 7/10 game at best and that’s what the MC score is for the game (72). The game isn’t an 8/10 or 9/10 game at all. But when you read the review of a game and the reviewer is talking about diversity of zombies that shit doesn’t rub off the wrong way to you?
    It really must, especially if you aren’t involved in the overall “vision” of the game and how it comes to fruition.
    Oooh they probably yet to figure out how there going navigate through sony’s new bullshit.

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    glad someone enjoyed it i suppose
    I’m very disappointed that the 1660 Ti is much weaker then what I originally thought. I was hoping that it would be almost as powerful as a RTX 2060 but without ray tracing in it so that it would be much cheaper to buy. I’m planning to build a new PC in over two years and I was hoping to buy an affordable video card to continue to run games in 1440p for another two more years. Sadly the GTX 1070 Ti and the 1080 are still expensive for me. I really wish that Nvidia would start dropping the prices for their older cards I mean the GTX 10 series is almost three years old now and in Canada they are still very pricey. Anyways thanks for trying to help me out.
    Probably basing it on your post quality and just assuming you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    You’re still feeding into the cycle and causing demand for them. You’re just as guilty as everyone else.
    Maybe we too are bots… Btw if you need any fake passports let me know.
    It’s pretty clear she is in trouble for refusing to do her job, her religious beliefs have nothing to do with it. If my religion forbids me from killing animal and I work in a slaughterhouse would it be discrimination for them to fire me when I refuse to work? How is this any different?

    Not true. That land was valuable. They considered it their’s. The British didn’t give up easily on their territories and certainly didn’t hand them over. Also only Georgia was used as dumping ground for criminals.
    I only recently upgraded to Windows 10 and haven’t played many games (been playing lots of GTA V). I can tell you that GTA V runs a bit smoother for me than it did on Windows 7.
    I am upgrading my card, no doubt about that.
    Those i5 and i7 would still be 4 cores if not for Ryzen.
    Meh… I’d rather him keep the name.
    Read that first part again. I said:


    Nice, I wish I could quit mine but as I live in a small town there’s not a lot going atm.I did however turn up at work today and when I found out who I was working with I rang the boss and told him I was going home lol.So I have the day (maybe many lol) off I don’t know what I going to play. Might go for Capcom Beat’em up bundle.,Small company? Same with me. Too many butt-head moments for me to continue on.Nice. I’m trying to grind the end-game of FFX, and then i’m not too sure.,Small company? Same with me. Too many butt-head moments for me to continue on.Nice. I’m trying to grind the end-game of FFX, and then i’m not too sure.Yeah only about 30 employees, and there’s this one guy no one wants to work with, and when I found out I was working with him today I said not happening and went home lol.I might watch the Money in the Bank PPV on today if I can stomach watching WWE these days, or do the Jack the Ripper dlc in AC Syndicate.How much grinding is there to do in FFX? as I don’t think I’ve played that game.
    Sony buying Take Two at such premium cost doesn’t make any sense. Their gaming division can do a much better job with the same funds in many other ways than to sink it into one purchase.
    window.amzn_assoc_link_hover_style=”color:#e03800 !important;”
    In what part say day 1.
    Hahahaha thanks.
    Are you a reviewer? It sounds like you have the game already
    Nintendo Fan Club

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