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    If you play @ 1080p then yes GTX 1070 will most definitely max out all of your games. Although in 6 months we’ll probably hear some news about Volta.
    So much truth.
    Where does it say all exclusives will be on any platform other than PS5 day 1?
    Bug Reporting & Feedback
    Has he?
    In the movies? Damn,what I have missed. 😛
    Someone can still claim they colluded based off of what we know and not be a conspiracy theories. You just can’t claim it was criminal collusion, that’s a conspiracy theory.

    Dude, the context of your response implied that you are responding to a comment on the the game’s optimization, otherwise what were you responding to?
    Yes? XD
    Do you think their innocent?
    Um are you sure about that?
    HEY KETTLE!!! Check out pot trying to call you black…….
    I think this other Gamora will come around. She gave Nebula a chance.
    I totally agree with this. Modern tech allows people to push the medium in ways they never could, and cheaply distribute it worldwide. You can find anything you want now if you know where to look.


    Political Gamers
    Really? well if true that’s embarrassing lol.
    System Wars
    Lol, nailed it.Anyway, I just think it looks generic. But like said above, it’ll get bonus points for being a traditional SP Sony exclusive with a million cut scenes.I know its ruh ruh sony gets special treatment bullshit but come on I think these devs have long way to go to get that treatment. One has to earn Kojima levels bullshit lol. The media are not jumping at this game.But it’s still a game that fits perfectly into the “Goldilocks zone” of the type of game that reviewers/industry in general tend to favour. And the company that publishes it of course.And you can’t tell me that certain companies don’t get some bonus points added onto the score sometimes because of who they are…I’m agreeing with you that certain companies and devs get the benefit of doubt treatment. Mostly Nintendo, Sony, Rock*, Kojiam even MS Bungie at one point you name it. Patly because they built themselves into that spot. What I’m trying to point out is there is a limit to that. While sony may be that company this dev is not there top dev. This is not kojima to get that its must be a masterpice treatment. The initial reveal got the Sony treatment but once the gameplay and zombie showed up you can tell the media went cold as the devs are not Rock Stars. Frankly the game also just does not look interesting. Some even asking for it to stay away from TLOU2 lol. This is easily looked as just a game on the release list. Its why the TC is asking where is the special treatment from cows not sticking up for the game. Now if it was a ND game it will be a different story from Cows and Media. Just look at the way Sony advertises the damn thing. So come on you cant just throw its a Sony game It will be given a masterpiece treatment. I’m not seeing that happening, I don’t see media looking at it as the next masterpiece from sony.,Lol oh boycie,Pretty sure no hype for Crackdown 3 won’t stop the Sony Justice Warriors branding that a flop when it scores a 6/10,Pretty sure no hype for Crackdown 3 won’t stop the Sony Justice Warriors branding that a flop when it scores a 6/10There was PLENTY of hype when Crackdown 3 (And tech cloud!!11!!!) was first unveiled……. it’s just died down as people have slowly seen sense.Where as there’s never really been hype for Days Gone……,Pretty sure no hype for Crackdown 3 won’t stop the Sony Justice Warriors branding that a flop when it scores a 6/10There was PLENTY of hype when Crackdown 3 (And tech cloud!!11!!!) was first unveiled……. it’s just died down as people have slowly seen sense.Where as there’s never really been hype for Days Gone……lol lemmings hyped cloud power for years off the back of Crackdown 3’s until MS finally announced X1X.There is no comparison, Sony fans hardly even list Days gone in their upcoming game line up.,GS score of 5 so that would go against your statement of being good. Course this is using the very same logic cows used to call other GS low scoring games bad.If you insist I’ll fix it for you “Well…game ended up being good, IMO”,4 Months later. At the time of my original post, Dying Light 2 did in fact took away what I had an interest for Days Gone and looking at it now from reviews & gameplay, I’m more hype playing Dying Light 2 as far as Zombie game goes. (For a 4 month old thread, TC sure called it out lol)
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