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    Off-Topic Discussion
    I was a bit more forgiving for the battle of Winterfell, but that Dragon death just felt cheap and forced. They’re trying too hard to force the Danny transformation bit, totally agreed.
    Burn the socialist. Kill the liberal. Purge the democrat.
    Are you saying RDR2 is better than GTAV, and that it selling less is not surprising? I mean, RDR2 was released a short while ago, and GTAV has
    Doing better? Farmers needed a bail out. His administration is constantly having court cases. His campaign/admin has criminal convictions and constant turn over. We’re no longer the country to lead the world and allies are no longer backing us up. Global economic activity is slowing down and the trade is expected to make that much worse. In effect what’s happening is what happened at the start of the last recession.
    May I have what you are smoking?
    45211 results
    So, what do you mean by “from a gameplay perspectice”? Climbing and gliding, being able to throw your weapons at enemies?

    That’s how I look at it. My monitor is a 1440p/60Hz and despite I have experience 144Hz, it’s really amazing, but I’m totally fine with staying 60Hz for the most parts and not only that, I been doing a lot of multitasking lately, going with Ryzen 2700X is the more logical choice and plus, benefits more cores for doing live streaming.
    I wouldn’t know cause I got an actual useful degree. ?????>?
    Ah so you can name a hundred games from Sony only though right???
    Pretty sure it was known even earlier than that, at least since the ’70s. In 1976, there was a match between Muhammad Ali and Inoki in Japan, which was an early proto-MMA, mixed-rules, boxer vs. wrestler match (i.e. like the Mayweather vs. McGregor of its time). In some interviews with Inoki, he called-out American wrestling as “fake”, and claimed that Japanese wrestling is “real” (but in reality, Japanese pro wrestling was also “fake”). This leads me to believe that word of pro wrestling being “fake” had been circulating for a long time, at least since the ’70s.
    clearly not the minority of voters who chose him


    30-40% of Steam keys are sold by 3rd party stores and Valve gets 0% from those, so in total Steam’s cut is already below 20%, plus Steam covers the transaction fees and offers a lot more features and has bigger expenses as a result. Going anywhere near that 88/12 split would be suicide for Valve and thus it will never happen, that is why Timmy is so brazen about suggesting this crap – he knows that without exclusivity, even if all the games would be on both stores, 90% of sales would stay on Steam.,What i’m saying is that when companies have a monopoly they don’t need to improve and can overlook their flaws since they have their position secured, so by having a competent rival (which epic isn’t yet) Steam would take actions to be more consumer and developer friendly.,What i’m saying is that when companies have a monopoly they don’t need to improve and can overlook their flaws since they have their position secured, so by having a competent rival (which epic isn’t yet) Steam would take actions to be more consumer and developer friendly.But as far as I remember Steam already had competition in the form of GoG, Humble Bundle and extremely crappy stores like Origin, Uplay etc. I also remember Steam keeps improving and keep adding features without the so called competition from Epic.,I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment in principle, HOWEVER in practice the way Epic is going about this is all wrong. Might be better for the industry, but is it better for the consumer? You make things better by adding good things to it, or changing the things that are wrong with it. Tencent-Epic is removing things from it: removing the option to buy a game where I want, while forcing us to use a barebones service to get it. They are, in a word, regressive; they are bad for the industry as a whole.I am happy the top 1% of the staff at a game developer or publisher will get a larger bonus from saving that 5-10% or whatever it is, but how has Tencent-Epic paid that forward to the consumer? Their store is inferior in quite literally every single way to Steam, GoG, and even EA Origin and U-Play,Which doesn’t seem to be hurting EGS one bit. Games are selling, and the train rolls on, right over the bad PR.Satisfactory doesn’t seem to be doing well. Even though the developers are supposedly joking about how they only sold 9 copies it has definitely sold more than that but not much considering how well survival games sell on PC. The game on Twitch only has about 25 streamers. The devs even started calling people pirate scum on Twitter so I’m guessing the sales were really bad. Even if they really are joking, its a bad PR move since people are already pissed about the gaming being Epic Store exclusive, calling them pirate scum is just making it worse.If you want to you can be a criminal and steal the works from 30 people who spent 3 years of their lives dedicated to making Satisfactory all because you didn’t get your preferred launcher.Or be an adult and just move on and play something else.Your choice. https://t.co/8woaoIbiCX ? Satisfactory (@SatisfactoryAF) April 25, 2019,They took a cheque to limit their market on PC. Don’t post inane comments that fail to take into account what is going on.,Firstly, Satisfactory is not a survival game, it’s a builder/management game similar to Factorio. It is therefore in a different niche.Also, Twitch viewership is not a great indicator of general popularity. Warframe, for example, only has about 1,000-1,500 viewers on Twitch, and yet its concurrent player base is as high as ever.Being on any store does not guarantee high sales – there are many games on Steam that don’t sell well. That said, 250k sales for another game does indicate a high ceiling, and therefore at least a decent customer base.Thus, I would prefer to deal with hard numbers – or something as close to it as possible – when discussing topics like this.,lolI like this post.,Competition is good for the consumer.An old dogma that needs to die. Epic games store is good for consumers? Don’t make me laugh.,lolI like this post.Genuinely the best post in this thread. The name switch was so obvious, but I didn’t see it until typed out lol.
    The bold.
    Are you a reviewer? It sounds like you have the game already
    Nothing in his past can get him impeached, all they can do is line up the charges and get ready for when he is not the president anymore.
    window.amzn_assoc_link_hover_style=”color:#e03800 !important;”
    Look at these posts attacking people by calling them losers, clowns & cry babies, and it becomes very clear that you are the one who is all of those things and a lot more, you should see someone for that 🙁

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